Happy Friday! I hope everyone is staying inside as much as possible, it is miserable out! The heat and humidity will take its toll in a short period of time so drink plenty of water and stay in the shade if you must be outside for any length of time. Check on your pets, neighbors, family and friends too. There are local cooling centers for those in need.

We have had a busy week here in our community and have had the pleasure of doing several tours. I always enjoy touring because our facility is beautiful and you really should see it in person. The food here in our dining room is off the chart as well! I know I say this often but I never get tired of talking about who we are and the services we offer. Helping our senior and veteran community is what I thoroughly enjoy and I’m extremely blessed to wake up every day looking forward to going to work!

Have a safe, cool and happy weekend! I’ll be back next week! 🙂

Villas of Jackson