Today will be another hot one before we start to cool down this week and that cooler weather can’t get here fast enough!  Only 73 days to Fall and I think we should have a block party here in our community!!

It’s Monday morning and it’s a new week and we have a full schedule again and I couldn’t be more excited!  I absolutely love taking members of our community and showing them the pride we take in our facility and the care we provide to our residents. I have a couple of group tours this week and a few individual. Come one or come all, the joy I have fills my heart!!!

If you are planning a vacation and your loved one doesn’t want to or shouldn’t travel but they need 24 hour care, we are your place!!! They can stay one night or as many as need be. The low competitive price includes meals, medication that you bring for them and all the activities they would like to participate in. If they would rather take a nap or simply relax alone and watch television they are assigned their own apartment. Private bedroom, living room and bath. If you need us, we are only a phone call away. 573-986-8210, 670 Broadridge Dr., Jackson, MO.

Assisted Living covered entrance handicap accessible