Have you found yourself being less social with family and friends? Suffering from depression?

Are you forgetting a few things, maybe getting your medications mixed up or forget to take them at all?

Has there been a time that you have fallen but you never told because you want to maintain your independence?

At times could you use a little help getting a bath or would you feel safer knowing you can still do that on your own but if you needed help someone could be there to help you in a matter of seconds?

Do you have a Long Term Care or Nursing Home policy? Are you a veteran or the spouse of a veteran? Member of the Masonic Lodge?

We can help! We would like to be an option for you if any of the above applies to you or a loved one. You can call 573-986-8210 and we will assist you. Nothing is ever lost by having a conversation.

Take care of yourself and have a great weekend!!