When the weather is like it is today and for the next few days, be sure to take the appropriate measures to protect yourself and also make a phone call and check on your neighbors and friends, especially those that live alone. Make sure they have the necessities needed for their safety.  The wind stings your skin so only go out if you have to. Sorry if I sound like a weather person, lol, I assure you I’m not.  I have seen first the damage and risk exposure that comes with this bitter cold. We need to keep tabs on everyone in our wonderful community.

It’s another busy week this week at The Villas so we will keep our residents busy and warm. If you have ever thought about volunteering somewhere, please know you are welcome to stop by for a copy of our activity calendar and you are also welcome to volunteer anytime you may have. We like our visitors!!!!!!

Stay Blessed and healthy, have a great week!