The weather may have plans on skipping spring and going straight into summer but here at The Villas we are bright, colorful, happy and enjoying the beauty of our wonderful community right here!!!  It’s exciting to continue to see the new faces walk through our door because the curiosity is just too much! 🙂  It’s very rewarding to have a conversation with someone who thought they may not qualify or the finances and/or any assistance will keep them from joining us to talk things through and utilize every resource we have to make the transition a reality. Sometimes, more so than not, we can make it work and sometimes it just doesn’t but we certainly give them all of the other options that we have access to so we may try and assist them in the right direction with their housing and medical care. I enjoy nothing more than sitting down with someone and discussing their needs to see if The Villas will be the perfect fit.

Here at The Villas we have an open door policy and we always welcome you and/or your family to come on in, lets have that conversation. I hope everyone has a wonderful Mothers Day, It truly is the most rewarding job ever. Stay safe, be happy and I’ll be back next week!

Assisted Living garden patio outdoor dining

Covered patio to enjoy a nice sunny day or sit out and enjoy the smell of a fresh spring rain shower.

Assisted Living grand foyer fireplace