Have had several calls this week from people in our surrounding areas (St. Louis county, etc.)  inquiring about our facility for their loved ones! I love that we have such a wonderful place to offer and the residents here have made The Villas their home. When you hold their hand, they smile and tell you there’s no other place they’d rather be, that feeling is priceless! That feeling is what makes you know you are doing the right job for all the right reasons. It is the staffs honor to be with our residents every day, listen to their stories, learn about them on such a deep level you can’t help but love them with all you have. This is the life they deserve!

If you believe it is time to start checking options for your loved one, keep us in mind, be sure to check us out, you will definitely be pleased!!

Stay safe during the next few days with this unstable weather. We will post again soon!