Good Monday morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It was rainy, cloudy and dreary most of the weekend but we made it! We have several things new that will be happening this week here in our community. We are having two new guests coming in for temporary Respite Care. We offer other services, temporary and/or permanent here at The Villas. We try to spread this offer to everyone we know. If you were not aware of this information and read it here first, maybe share it with a family member, church member or friend and neighbor. You never know what type of help someone may need but they are too prideful to ask or they just may not know. This would be the perfect opportunity to come in and save the day!

We are located at 670 Broadridge, Jackson, MO. 63755, our phone number is 573-986-8210. Please feel free to stop by or give us a call if you or someone you know finds themselves in need of some assistance for a short term or something more permanent. We are proudly here to help and are blessed to be here to serve!  Have a great week!!

Assisted Living caregiver support and peace of mind