Good Monday morning! Hope all are staying dry and are doing well on this rainy,cloudy beginning of the week.  We have another exciting week here at The Villas, moving new residents into our community!! It’s such a blessing to our staff when someone comes to us in their time of need and we can educate them about all of the resources available that they weren’t aware of which is helpful in their assistance in deciding if The Villas will be the best match for them and their needs. Trying to compare the feeling of helping those that have in one way or another helped all of us is a task. To me, I without a doubt am doing what I was called to do and that is help the senior community and veterans with any needs they may have.  They are so deserving of anything and everything they can get.

If you have a senior or veteran in your family who may be considering a move to a community, give us a call and come out and see what we have to offer.  We are quite proud of our facility and our staff and we won’t hesitate to brag about it! lol  You can go to our website and correspond with us initially if you’d like.

Have a safe, wonderful Monday and cheers to a happy, healthy new week!