This weekend went by so fast!  I did have a few opportunities to discuss The Villas Of Jackson to some people who hadn’t heard of us before. I know, I was in shock too!!  Who doesn’t know that we exist?  I thought by now everyone, everywhere knew! 😉  I was on a roll, talking all about us, who we are, what we do etc., and I (as a marketer) love, love, love to talk! Especially when it comes to my job, what I do and where I work. It truly is a pleasure to take care of those that have once taken care of us. The stories they want to share, and we all want to hear, is history coming to LIFE!!!!  The age range of our community is fairly broad so every story and memory is unique to that specific individual.  But the passion they have when sharing their stories is amazing and priceless.  Sometimes the senior lifestyle and living is missing companionship, being social again or learning that you can come out of your shell and people really do care about and for you.

If it is you or you know of someone who may benefit from our services here in our community please have them give us a call, stop by for a visit and see if we can help. I encourage everyone to visit our website if you’d like. There is helpful information posted along with some amazing photos.

Have a great week and I’ll share more info in a couple of days!