Good Monday morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the roller coaster ride mother nature offered to us!

I wanted to share a short version of a conversation I had over the weekend at a beauty salon. As all beauty shop talk goes, several were involved in the same conversation about aging, the benefits and downfalls. I listened to several opinions of the do’s and don’ts, several I wish I had and a couple of small regrets. The majority of this conversation contained information about parents and grandparents and how to help them with the aging process. I was listening and witnessing the true concern of these women. It was time, I had to speak up, had to offer the knowledge I have about who I work for, where we are located and the services we provide. I absolutely love my job so talking about it any day of the week at any time is more than fine with me. It’s also convenient that I have my work bag with folders, brochures etc. with me at all times. everything in black and white is at my finger tips ready to share!  The satisfaction I feel after leaving someone with the tools and knowledge about the resources available and that the majority of the time there are options is priceless! I guess I still get puzzled and confused as to why the medical providers everywhere do not have this type of conversation when the concerns are brought to their attention at an appointment. If I could reach and share my information with everyone everywhere that would be life in a perfect world. I take one office, one facility and one senior center at a time to share the information I have to anyone willing to listen. I always end with “please share this with anyone you may know who would benefit from these resources”.

The next time you are with family and friends and the topic of care for parents and grandparents come up, share your knowledge. We strive everyday to help those maintain their pride and independence all while having access to 24/7, 365 care.  If you aren’t clear on the type of help your loved one needs please feel free to contact our facility and let us have that conversation.

Here’s to a new week!!! Stay safe, healthy and happy! Be back soon! 🙂