If you have a Long Term Care or Nursing Home policy have you researched the daily rate and length of contract? As with any policy there are many to choose from. The daily rates are different, depending on company issuing as are the length of time the policies will pay.  If you have these policies and you’re not sure and/or your insurance agent is unable to assist you can contact The Villas and we can review your policies with you. We can help you find out the information you need should the time come that you need to file a claim. We offer this service with no obligation or charge. We feel honored to assist the members of our community to better educate yourself ahead of time should an emergency happen and a quick decision should need to be made and there are less understandings.


Always remember, you can contact us with any questions or concerns and if we aren’t what you are looking for we’ll be happy to help you find what is best for you. Call or come by 573-986-8210, 670 Broadridge Dr.., Jackson, Mo 63755