It’s that time of year, families start making the holiday menu assignments, counting heads and getting excited to see all the loved ones they may not have seen since the holiday season last year! Time for eating, napping, laughing, taking lots of pictures and remembering all the reasons for being so blessed! It’s also the time to have those conversations with your parents, grandparents, siblings etc., about how everyones health is doing. Often times this is a dreaded conversation but one that needs to be had before an accident should happen. It’s all about prevention and it’s never to early to express your concern for a loved ones well being. Think about all of this before hand and I ask that you keep us, The Villas Of Jackson, in mind when going through all of the questions in your head. It can be an overwhelming experience but we are here to help answer any questions, help with any confusion as to what types of facilities provide what services. We are always happy to help, give us a call or stop by anytime! The Villas Of Jackson, 670 Broadridge Dr, Jackson, MO 63755, 573-986-8210. My email is Have a great day!!

Have a recent or history of falls? Needing one one one therapy and not be left alone while recovering? All of our rooms are private. You have an entire apartment to yourself while you focus on getting better and stronger!

Daily exercising is the residents choice but we try to get everyone involved. The majority do participate and we stay excited about that.

Do you need a day to yourself? We are a resource to keep your loved one entertained!