Good Monday morning!  Here is the perfect reason why I love my job and what I do. Had a friend from middle school message me this weekend, he had seen on my facebook page where I was working and after visiting our website he wanted to inquire in more depth exactly what The Villas Of Jackson was and what services we provide. He has no medical background so of course I was more than happy to oblige. One thing we marketers can do and do well is speak to any and all who is listening about the resources we offer to our community here at The Villas.  So after a short, information packed conversation on the phone I found out he has moved back to this area to help his mother because she was starting to have some issues staying in her home by herself. Long story short he is going to come by and check us out. He had no idea what an assisted living community really was and found the conversation we had very informative.

Here is what I hope all of you take away from todays post. If you aren’t sure, please ask. You have nothing to lose by having a conversation with someone. Odds are if you have a dilemma and you’re not sure what to do? Start by doing a little research and take inventory of who your friends are and what they are doing after moving back home after 18 years. Just as you may sit and scratch your head with worry, the answer may be just a click away.

Have a great Monday!