Had a tour with a wonderful family yesterday, came down from Fenton, MO. Love to hear that our Villas has been the topic of conversation up there! What a wonderful family who’s main concern was finding the “perfect fit” facility for their mother. The mom was hesitant to go to a “nursing home” until I explained to her that we aren’t a nursing home and our community here is like no other…about 1 minute into glancing around, she smiled and said “I’m staying”. Long story short, we toured and chatted about 3 hours, such a wonderful, fully committed family, the mother had made several friends with some of our other residents and had made the decision she wanted to live here.  Those are the moments that make your day! I personally get to see the faces of our seniors light up when they first arrive and are greeted with our amazing staff and our wonderful residents. We are honored, privileged and extremely blessed to be a part of this amazing community and make sure that our residents are treated above and beyond their expectations!  May you all have a wonderful week!

Assisted Living covered entrance handicap accessible

Stay warm and cozy!