The holidays have come and gone and we find ourselves at the start of another new year. The decorations are put away, family members have come and gone and we finally get a moment to stop and think. A sibling mentions the status of mom and dad. Who can help? Who wants to help? It’s a lot for one person to handle on their own. They need help with cooking, cleaning and keeping their medicine straight. Their memory just isn’t quite what it use to be. Should we confront them? Should we tell them what we see from standing out on the side line? It’s going to upset them if we talk about them moving and getting a little help to stay healthy happy and safe. What is the right thing to say and the time to say it? IT’S NOW!  The holidays are a time when everyone can get together and have the dreaded conversation. The best part is, you shoudn’t dread it! This is just the beginning of another new chapter in their lives! Let them be surrounded with people of their age, have daily activities to do, all their meals prepared for them, a medical staff to help them with medications and doctors appointments. If they like their privacy they can have that too! All while being on their own but not in the same way as their use to. We encourage to continue taking your Sunday afternoon drives or going to a movie. Come and go as you please all while living at an assisted living facility, like ours, The Villas Of Jackson!  Go ahead and have “The Talk” with your family and parents. Let them know they have options, they don’t have to feel like they’re a burden or upset their childrens routine. They can still have a voice and see that they are still in control of their decisions. I think most people are afraid to initiate this type of conversation but the best time is while you still can. before an injury or illness. Keep control! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain while having that conversation. Our staff are always willing and ready to help you and/or your family. if you’re not sure what to ask we can educate you with the knowledge! The staff and residents here at The Villas hope you and your family have had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!!