If you or someone you know has any experience working in the medical field, we all know the bonds we develop with the ones we are so blessed to help take care of.  Patients and residents are just a few of the different titles we give to these wonderful souls. You see them at their best and sometimes at their very worst but every time is the right time to make a difference. You may see a smile and not feel the sadness behind it, you may see a tear but unsure if it’s a happy or sad one. There is so much one simple gesture can do to completely change a persons day, week or even a lifetime. Always be kind and always remember everyone is or has been fighting a battle that is blind to the naked eye.

RESPECT and APPRECIATION are two things you should always try to give 100% of and also the very two things you should never settle for less. What you give usually predicts what you get…..and this needs to be remembered all day every day…..

Smile at a stranger, hold a door for the person behind you and offer a hug to someone who appears to be having the worst day of their life. When you go home at the end of the day you will notice your blessings a bit easier and you will count them.