You have just returned home after picking up a few groceries. The trip to the store was exhausting, but bags still need to be carried in from the car. Even after you bring the groceries inside, you’ll still need to put them away. And if you’re hungry, you’ll have to begin preparing your meal.

What if there was a better way to live?

As we age, ordinary tasks like grocery shopping and cleaning become more difficult. It may even become impossible to complete household chores, prepare healthy meals and manage your medications.

If you are beginning to worry about staying safe in your home, it may be time to think about moving to an assisted living community. As you consider your options, think about these questions:

1. Do you have trouble keeping your home clean?

Sweeping, dusting, mopping and other household chores take a great deal of energy. If you’ve noticed scrubbing your kitchen counters or shower requires more time than it used to, it may be time to let someone else handle it.

Most assisted living communities hire staff members to keep residents’ apartments sparkling, so you can spend more time enjoying your favorite hobbies.

2. Is preparing three nutritious meals a day impossible?

Many seniors avoid the hassle of cooking by settling for microwavable TV dinners, which are usually unhealthy, particularly if they need to follow special dietary guidelines.

Assisted living communities offer freshly prepared, nutritious meals each day to keep you healthy – no cooking required.

3. Do you spend more time alone than you would like?

Senior isolation and loneliness can lead to a 29 percent higher risk of heart disease and a 32 percent higher risk of stroke.*

Assisted living communities come with neighbors and friends just down the hall with whom you can converse, share stories and enjoy similar hobbies. Many communities also provide a variety of activities to help you socialize with others.

4. How soon can help arrive if you have an emergency?

The possibility of falling or becoming ill with no one around to help can be a constant worry for you and your family. But you do not have to let this fear consume your thoughts.

Assisted living communities have someone available 24 hours a day to support you. You’ll never need to worry about someone being there for you.

5. Do you have reliable transportation for errands and medical appointments?

Attending all scheduled medical appointments is essential to remaining healthy, and some errands – like grocery shopping – are unavoidable.

Moving to an assisted living community does not mean you will have to remain on the grounds 24 hours a day. Most communities offer scheduled transportation to medical appointments and even local hot spots. If you are able to drive and have reliable transportation, most communities allow you to keep your vehicle and drive where you wish.

6. Are you having trouble achieving your health goals?

When cleaning and cooking expend all your energy, it is difficult to find enough willpower and strength to exercise. Many assisted living facilities include a wellness room and trained staff who will help you work out so that you can stay healthy and mobile.

7. Are you concerned your lifestyle will change if you move to assisted living?

This is a very common concern – and an important one. You shouldn’t have to give up your hobbies and personal schedule when you move. Fortunately, there are assisted living communities that understand this and will not require you to change your lifestyle when you move.

Maintain your social calendar, stay involved with your favorite groups and go on an extended vacation if you wish. Because you do not have to worry about chores, you can spend more time enjoying the things you like to do.

At The Villas of Jackson, we strive to help residents in our assisted living community stay active and healthy, encouraging them to enjoy life knowing there is a support system taking care of daily chores. From luxurious apartments to made-to-order meals, we offer all the amenities and services needed to empower seniors throughout Cape Girardeau and Jackson, Missouri.

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