Making the decision about if and when to move to an assisted living residence is a process of finding answers to questions. Which support services do I need to better enjoy my life? What does my doctor recommend? And my family? Which activities are important to me? What type of environment am I comfortable in? Is location a factor? How about cost? Will my insurance help? What should I do about my current home?

Be bold asking questions. If you are considering a move to an assisted living residence, start by scheduling appointments to speak with your doctor, your insurance, and real estate agent. Make a list of the senior residences in your community or near your family and visit each of them. This is especially important, even if you don’t think you will need the support any time soon. An unexpected medical crisis could abruptly change your timeline and force a decision, but doing your homework in advance could make the difference between a rocky transition and a smooth one.

At the Villas of Jackson, we are prepared to answer questions. Call today to schedule a no-obligation tour of Jackson’s only assisted living residence. Bring your family, if you like, and don’t forget those questions! We are ready to help.